Mission Statement “Palmetto Solutions Group wants to provide its customers a platform to achieve their Mission Statements. We are dedicated to being the industry’s leading Strategic Transportation Management Group. Our scope is not to provide just a specific service to our customers but one capable of providing a broad range of services pertaining to the transportation industry.”
Brian Hicks, President


Palmetto Solutions Group is a strategic transportation management group providing companies with expertise ranging from daily operations, supply chain optimization, contract negotiations, vender management, maintenance management, and strategic long term planning. PSG’s proven track record of cost reduction to our customers exceeds industry standards due to our hands on approach on developing solutions and creating matrix’s to ensure successful implantation. PSG believes each solution should not only solve today’s issues but should provide solutions to maintain long-term growth.

Lease & Maintenance Contracts

Invoice Audits
Negotiate Contracts
Fleet Specifications Analysis
Rental Pricing

Maintenance Programs/audits

Tax Licensing & Registration
DOT Audits/Management/Training
Fuel Economy Programs
Tire Analysis
Direct Purchasing Program
Safety Training

Specialized Services

Supply Chain Management
Lease vs. Ownership Analysis
Trip Reporting and & Alternative Fuel
Management Recruitment