Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you say, “No savings, No cost?”

We want to earn your business.  We will review up to 3 month of invoices from your Leasing or Maintenance provider to ensure that your invoices comply with your contract.  We will insure all charges are in compliance with your contract terms

Once we have completed the audit of your invoices, we will review with you any errors that may have incurred during this time.  We will meet with your lease provider to review the findings, and then obtain a credit.   Our invoice will be  based on a percentage of a credit you receive from the leasing company.

If during the review we find that the leasing company has bill you correctly, you will not be charged for the audit.

Other services are available at a contracted rate based on the services requested.

All information obtain from you will be held and kept confidential based on the Terms and Agreement form we will sign with you.

How do we get the invoices from you to review?

Depending on your location and volume of invoice, we can obtain copies of these invoices.   This can vary from us coming to your location and making copies of invoices, to having copies mailed to our office, scanning them to us, or if you have access from your lease company to a virtual account, giving us ability to access this account and pull these invoices.

How are the costs determined on the other services provided by Palmetto Solutions Group, LLC?

These will be based on the services you are looking for as well as the size of your fleet.  Our services are not one size fits all, we will propose a plan and a service that will provide you with measurable cost savings and the ability to tailor them to you and your company’s goals.  The time of the contract will also determine the rate and rate structure.  With our knowledge in the industry, we should provide you a substantial cost savings.http://nä

How do we begin working with Palmetto Solutions Group, LLC?

You can contact us a few ways:

Call 864-505-5494 or email